Economic Impact

Credit cards keep our economy growing

Consumers across the country rely on credit cards to make life happen, from paying for groceries and school supplies to covering emergency car repairs or medical expenses. Credit cards offer robust security, fraud protection, and access to credit that may not otherwise be available. 

Interchange fees, which are only a fraction of a cent per dollar transacted, make this possible. Interchange keeps consumers, retailers, and financial institutions safe. 

Consumers have come to rely on credit cards to build credit and gain access to funds that otherwise may not be available to them, which is not available with debit cards.  

  • 75% of credit unions offer credit building credit cards, ensuring that more people have access to our nation’s economy. 
  • The average line of credit on a card is $8,000.
  • The average credit union member holds 3.8 credit cards.

If retailers have their way, credit unions may no longer be able to offer credit cards with low barriers to entry. The current system works

The current system ensures that you have safe, affordable credit with nearly any store in the country. That means that retailers have access to more customers like you. Don’t let retailers put their profits ahead of your finances.  

Protect consumers, retailers, and financial institutions by retaining the current standard on interchange fees.

Contact Congress to protect your card.